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Crazy Flapper

Available Colour Chart

The Crazy Flapper is one of Keitech's newest soft plastic shapes. As the name suggests, the Crazy Flapper's action in the water is truly unbelieveable. 


The uniquely shaped wings pulsate with even the slowest movement and the two apendages off the rear of the bait give even more movement to an already lifelike bait.


Available in three sizes (2.8", 3.6" & 4.4"), the Crazy Flapper is a perfect imitation of a crawfish, yabby or prawn and can be trimmed at the head to produce the perfect crab/prawn hybrid plastic, which is tremendously effective for Bream.





101 Green Pumpkin Pepper (Avail in 2.8")

208 Watermelon Pepper Red (Avail in 2.8" & 3.6")

401 Green Pumpkin Chartreuse (Avail in all sizes)

402 Okeechobee Craw (Avail in 3.6" & 4.4)

403 Green Weenie Blue Flake (Avail in all sizes)

407 Delta Craw (Avail in all sizes)

408 Electric Junebug (Avail in all sizes)

422 Sight Flash (Avail in all sizes)

438 Green Pumpkin Fire (Avail in all sizes)

461 Gold Flash Craw (Avail in 3.6" only)

462 Electric Smoke Craw (Avail in all sizes)

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