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Swing Impact

Available Colour Chart

The Swing Impact was the lure of choice of Troy Danes', winner of the inaugural Bass Australia Nation Championship and is one of Keitech's most popular models. 


It has an unbeatable action thanks to the wide profile boot tail and thin body design. Keitech's original squid scent and salt impregnation techology means these baits not only swim like a real fish, they feel and taste like one too!


They are available in 2", 3" and 3.5" and in an array of the best freshwater and saltwater colours. Whether you are chasing Bream, Bass, Redfin, EPs or Trout, the Keitech Swing Impact will put more fish in the boat!





400 Ayu (Avail in 2", 3" and 3.5")

408 Electric June Bug (Avail in 2", 3" or 3.5")

416 Silver Flash Minnow (Avail in 2", 3" and 3.5")

417 Gold Flash Minnow (Avail in 2", 3" and 3.5")

431 Hasu (Avail in 3" only)

438 Green Pumpkin Fire (Avail in 2" and 3")

440 Electric Shad (Avail in 2", 3" and 3.5")

101 Green Pumpkin Pepper (Avail in 2" and 3")

102 Watermelon Pepper (Avail in 2" and 3")

422 Sight Flash  (Avail in all sizes)

401 Green Pumpkin Chartreuse (Avail in 2", 3" and 3.5")

426 Sexy Shad  (Avail in 3.5" only)

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