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Noisy Flappers


Yes, Keitech can walk on water...slowly even. The patented leg design of our new range of Noisy Flapper buzz frogs to make them the best topwater frog bait you'll ever put in your tackle box.


Capable of surface walking at very slow speeds, the Noisy Flapper's flatter leg action is what makes them so effective and a great jig trailer. Weighing in at a hefty 16 grams, you can now cast this top water frog out-of-sight.

Easy Shiner



Crazy Flapper



A proven tournament performer, the Easy Shiner is yet another example of Keitech's commitment to creating uniquely effective products. With its enticing wobbling action and ability to work at any speed, the Easy Shiner mimics forage fish all over the country.


The Easy Shiner is a slim, soft plastic, full-body swimbait with a small slit on the belly. Unlike other split belly baits, the Easy Shiner is only slightly split, offering the angler the option of several rigging methods. 


Available in 3" and 4" sizes, designed for anglers who demand high quality and performance.

The Crazy Flapper is one of Keitech's newest soft plastic shapes. As the name suggests, the Crazy Flapper's action in the water is truly unbelieveable. 


The uniquely shaped wings pulsate with even the slowest movement and the two apendages off the rear of the bait give even more movement to an already lifelike bait.


Available in three sizes (2.8", 3.6" & 4.4"), the Crazy Flapper is a perfect imitation of a crawfish, yabby or prawn and can be trimmed at the head to produce the perfect crab/prawn hybrid plastic, which is tremendously effective for Bream.





Swing Impact



Fat Swing Impact



Shad Impact



Mad Wag



Little Spider



The Swing Impact was the lure of choice of Troy Danes', winner of the inaugural Bass Australia Nation Championship and is one of Keitech's most popular models. 


It has an unbeatable action thanks to the wide profile boot tail and thin body design. Keitech's original squid scent and salt impregnation techology means these baits not only swim like a real fish, they feel and taste like one too!


They are available in 2", 3" and 3.5" and in an array of the best freshwater and saltwater colours. Whether you are chasing Bream, Bass, Redfin, EPs or Trout, the Keitech Swing Impact will put more fish in the boat!





The Swing Impact Fat is a multiple winner in ABT Bass tournaments and a standout for Barra and Mulloway.


It is incredibly versatile with a tail that beats strongly on the drop whilst maintaining perfect balance on all retrieval speeds. Available in 2.8", 3.8", 4.8" and 5.8" sizes, there is a size for every species from Trout, to Bass and even Barramundi. 


Loaded with Keitech's signature squid scent and salt impregnated, the Swing Impact Fat will outfish a traditional paddle tail plastic everytime.





The Little Spider is back!


This legendary soft plastic had a cult following amongst tournament Bream fishermen last time it was on the market and now now the Australian Open winning soft plastic is back in fresh colours and with an improved construction. 


The twin grub tails give this bait an incredible action on the fall even on lightweight jigheads. The unique collar around the head flares out whilst at rest and provides great action on the fall. 


It also slows the sink rate, allowing the angler to use a heavier jighead, enabling better casting and accuracy. Available in 2.5" size, this bait is perfect for Bream, Trout, Redfin, Estuary Perch and Bass.





A natural profile, amazing action and Keitech's two-tone technology make the Shad Impact the world's most advanced soft plastic jerk bait.


By combining a denser, salt-impregnated material on the lower half, with a pure plastic on the top half, Keitech have created a bait which rolls and flashes like no other soft plastic. 


The Shad Impact's tail springs to life with every subtle twitch of the rod tip, making this lure the perfect bait fish imitation.


Available in 3", 4" and 5" sizes, the Shad Impact is suitable for all inshore and offshore sport fish in both salt and freshwater.





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