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The Z Bone is one of the lightest, most sensitive rods on the market and is perfectly balanced for anglers who demand the best.


  • Rod Length: One piece 7 foot 0 inch

  • Handle Length: 10 1/2 inch measured from the bottom of the butt cap to the bottom joint where the reel seat meets the cork

  • Guides: 10 guides plus the tip top: Fuji Silicon Carbide MACRO Rings, Gunsmoke Stainless Steel Tangle Free "K" Frames

  • Line Weight:  8 - 12 lb

  • Lure Weight: 1/8 - 1/2  oz

  • Power: Medium

  • Action: Extra-Fast

  • Overall rod weight 3.5 oz (100 grams)


Your Z bone rod will be quality certified by thorough testing and hand inspection by the President of Kistler, Trey Kistler himself, in the USA. His multi-step testing certifies that your Z Bone rod is FISH READY before it leaves the facility. Fishing Never Felt So Good knowing your rod will perform flawlessly from your first cast.

FREE KISTLER ROD PROTECTOR to protect your rod, guides and line.


More About The Z Bone:

Introducing the next level in the development of the finest hand-built, American made rods on the market…
the ALL NEW Z Bone Limited Edition Xtra Fast Rod. Design - Crafting - Testing are the key principles in Kistler's continued pursuit of the perfect fishing rod. The Z Bone is the culmination of more than 22 years of rod building experience. 

The All-important Blank


For the backbone of the finest rods in the world, only a revolutionary graphite blank would do. In order to get the perfect blank, Trey worked closely with “Graphite Guru” Gary Loomis and his team at North Fork Composites to develop a Next Generation High Modulus graphite blank that would become the backbone of the new Z Bone.

Using a proprietary combination of a paper thin carbon scrim, advanced resins, and the expertise of the world’s leading expert on graphite blanks, Gary Loomis’ North Fork Composites has created one of the finest blanks ever made.

The Components


Trey has hand selected the highest quality rod components available. The Z Bone integrates Fuji Silicon Carbide ring guides, Fuji’s most reliable reel seats, and Kistler’s innovative proprietary handles (synthetic rubber marble cork, which provides better gripping action and lasting durability). Each Z Bone rod also features a Hook Lock component that enables fishermen to conveniently and safely lock a lure to the rod while in storage or transit.  

The Build


Trey and his team passionately pursue perfection by hand-building, which ensures quality, ingenuity, craftsmanship, and American pride go into each and every Z Bone at their factory in Magnolia, Texas. Each rod blank undergoes rigorous stress testing and thorough inspections, and not a single finished Z Bone leaves production and testing without Trey’s personal approval.   

Trey Kistler introduces the Z Bone.

Trey Kistler flex tests the new Z Bone. **Don't try this at home. 

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