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Little Spider

Available Colour Chart

The Little Spider is back!


This legendary soft plastic had a cult following amongst tournament Bream fishermen last time it was on the market and now now the Australian Open winning soft plastic is back in fresh colours and with an improved construction. 


The twin grub tails give this bait an incredible action on the fall even on lightweight jigheads. The unique collar around the head flares out whilst at rest and provides great action on the fall. 


It also slows the sink rate, allowing the angler to use a heavier jighead, enabling better casting and accuracy. Available in 2.5" size, this bait is perfect for Bream, Trout, Redfin, Estuary Perch and Bass.





008 Scuppernong 

101 Green Pumpkin Pepper 

102 Watermelon Pepper

207 Green Pumpkin Pepper Blue

214 Natural Shad 

309 Sahara Olive Flake

321 Gold Shad 

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