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NEW!! Noisy Flapper

Yes...Keitech can walk on water...slowly even.

The patented leg design of our new range of Noisy Flapper buzz frogs make them the best topwater frog bait you'll ever put in your tackle box.

Capable of surface walking at very slow speeds, the Noisy Flapper's flatter leg action is what makes them so effective and a great jig trailer.

Weighing in at a hefty 16 grams, you can now cast this top water frog out of sight.


The hard-wearing plastic material used in the Flapper's design, guarantees both flexibility and durability. For enhanced action and better balance, Keitech combines a dense salt impregnated belly with a lightly salted, PVC top layer, giving this top water frog a unique keeling effect.

Incredible kicking action

The sharp-edge leg design catches water, creating a life-like kicking action that is affective at any retrieval speed. Our recommendation is to slow retrieve with a weightless rig on a #5/0 off-set worm hook. This is sure to draw spooky fish to the surface.


Blister packs keep the frogs straight and ensures they remain in perfect condition for use.

Available colour chart

001 Black

009 White

401 Green Pumpkin Chartreuse

466 Watermelon Red Pearl

467 Black Red Belly

468 Lime Chartreuse PP

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